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[XB][PC] Love Raiding, GM's, Tacos and other delicious endgame activies? Step inside.. Clan Misconduct is looking for a handful more experienced guardians!

Misconduct has been the home to some of us for years. A family of sorts. We typically hang out in Xbox Party chat, so XBOX and PC are our platforms of choice (Sorry PSN users). We have a long history of excellence, and are currently restacking our roster for the upcoming season. This time we're dropping some of the crazy requirements we used to have (Seals, hundreds of raids, speed runs, etc) and are opening our doors to players who are active, social and want to learn the ways of the end-game. The main focus is PVE, as we were and always will be a raiding clan, but we do have some sweats on the PVP side of things who like to mix it up once in a while. Overall here are what we're looking for right now: 1. Please be 18+ years of age 2. Looking for some raiding experience from D2. Seals are great, or even some flawless emblems on R.R., but we're willing to teach people who have the potential and aptitude to become legend. 3. The more GrandMaster Nightfalls you've done, the better, but it's not an absolute requirement... just a bonus. Conquerors are always welcome. 4. Be active, be social. We have a discord server and want people to interact and get to know their clanmates. Then start adding each other and partying up. Make new friends. Slay together! 5. Be able to get that freshly baked bread legit. No cheating, no bs. Cheaters suck. Feel free to contact me on here, on Xbox Live (Gamertag = JoebearX) or reach out on Discord (JoebearX#0744) and let me know if you're interested. We'd love to party up with you and run something to help give you an idea of who we are, and what we're looking for.



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