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5/22/2022 6:05:59 PM

The Ghosted are recruiting

The Ghosted was formed by a group of guardians who just enjoy playing Destiny together. The founders are all D1 vets who are very active, and are willing to teach and help out however we can. We have a good core of active players, and are consistent at achieving Clan perks and levels. While we are primarily an Xbox based clan, we do have several cross play members. All are welcome. We have a good mix of PVE and PVP players We are all about fun and being comfortable. Burn out is important to us and is always taken into consideration. We want to be a group that supports creativity and fun. If you are a streamer or an artist, we want to support and grow with you. If you have a Twitter, Twitch, Tumbler, Instagram, YouTube channel, etc. let us know in the Discord channel for followers. We play because we find Destiny to be a fun and interesting hobby. Criticism is cool but if you really hate Bungie or playing Destiny you need not apply. We are 18+. No creepers or harassers. We are a Discord based clan. Once you request to join on Bnet, you will be sent an invite to the Discord. Drop a quick hello and you’re in! You can request to join on our clan profile



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