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5/22/2022 5:50:27 PM

Season 17 is almost here & Cayde's Spicy Ramen Runners is a cross-play community that is recruiting both clan and community members.

CSRR was built on a foundation of building a great community for both casual and serious players alike. A place that guardians could call a second home. We are not just a clan, but a group of friends from many different age groups, locations, and walks of life. Our top priority is to have fun while always remaining respectful of one another. We play a mixture PvE and PvP. From patrols to raids, quickplay to Trials; We do it all! If a great community and fun times is what you’re looking for then this is the clan for you! We are a crossplay clan so no matter what device you play on you are welcome to join. It is mandatory that you are active and present in Discord and currently Discord is the main app we use for voice chat. Please message me a bit of info about yourself to receive an invite. 18+ only Mature
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