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5/22/2022 9:41:16 AM

[ALL PLATFORMS][SEVERED TIES] With over 12,000 raid clears Severed Ties is a true endgame clan for Xbox Destiny players. If you meet the requirements come join us and get -blam!- done. __ Requirements * 18+ years of age * Must have a headset with a working mic * Must join our discord server * 30 days inactivity in the game and 20 days in discord is grounds for the boot. * Be chill no drama * Use the clan discord before going to lfg * Must join our group __ Raid Scheduling We use to schedule our raids. Our discord is linked to this. Makes filling raids simple and easy. __ Time Zones Our clan members come from all walks of life, and you will always find someone online to game with. __ How to Join If Severed Ties sounds like the right clan for you, leave a comment and like this post and I’ll dm you.



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