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Suggestion about getting Exotics

*I used translator. If I use rude expressions I'm sorry in advance! Please make a way to focus on just one Exotic that a player wants, such as mileage. The experience of getting only unnecessary Exotics despite work for several days causes exhaustion. Even the opportunities from Lost Sector aren't guaranteed ones. Above all, the number of Exotics is increasing continuously, so focusing will be necessary someday. + I think I should have written more details. What I want isn't just Exotics, but Exotics which have stat rolls** that make my strategy possible for diverse goals. In my case, I need Exotics with the stats I want in order to achieve near-infinite invisibility or fast ability cycle to deal with diverse crises in solo dungeons. **I don't know how to say these things in English...the Discipline, the Recovery, etc. Also, I guess there are a lot of people who have to dig up old ones with certain stats again for reasons such as buildmaking, PVP, accident that delete the one, etc. It's my opinion Bungie should consider this suggestion if it's possible. Thank you.



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