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5/21/2022 5:11:46 PM

[ALL PLATFORMS] House of Light | ALL WELCOME! + LGBT Friendly!

Hello there, Guardians! Welcome to the House of Light, a Discord community for Destiny that spans every time zone, every continent, and every platform. Here, you will find anything you could want in a Destiny community. A free sherpa (Raid Guidance) program, THIRTEEN clans, a massive social section in Discord, in-Discord LFG, events, lore chat, and more! Now, if you’re reading this and thinking that you may not want to join because you’re already in a clan, that’s fine! You don’t have to leave your clan! That’s right, you’re not going blind. If you just want to hop in to mingle with the community and use LFG, you’re more than happy to. We’re here to help everyone, and not everyone wants to join our amazing clans. *cries* Speaking of clans, we have a wide variety of clans to choose from with cross-platform clans, and our friendly admins work constantly to maintain the friendly, people-first, and driven community that we have created, as well as host events for you all to enjoy! Personally, my favorite thing about the House of Light is how inclusive we are. Absolutely no discrimination of any kind is tolerated at all, and the community is so incredibly diverse. This tends to lead to some pretty diverse conversations too, like the latest PC health tips, what the Season of the [REDACTED] is going to be like, or why giraffes are secretly ancient eldritch gods to be worshiped. Give it a shot! I hope to see you soon, Guardian! | [url][/url] ~ Jedi ~ Lord of Giraffes ~



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