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5/21/2022 6:45:22 PM

RENEGADΣ is looking for ACTIVE members. [All Platforms][Discord REQUIRED][NA][18+]

RENEGADΣ [RNG] is exclusively an NA based clan founded by two content sherpas that have been playing Destiny since day one of D1. We are looking to build a full roster of ACTIVE and EXPERIENCED Guardians as we prepare for the new Season. In RENEGADΣ, you will never be criticized for not being the best. All we ask is that you try!! We are here to help if you are looking to clear Raids and Dungeons at Normal or Master difficulty, GM Nightfalls, Iron Banner, Trials, and everything in between. We're doing it all. If this sounds like you, join up. +Active Discord +Raids LFGs posted Daily +Trials, Comp, and SCRIMs +GM Nightfalls +Memes Only rules for admission is that we ask you be 18+ and ACTIVE in the Clan/Discord! Those who don’t join the discord within 48 hours of joining will be removed! We expect anyone who joins to be friendly and active within the discord. We have an absolutely amazing welcoming community! Please don't be shy and introduce yourself! Lack of activity in the discord voice channels will result in removal. All inactive players are removed after 3 weeks of inactivity without a message to the mods. This is done to keep an active roster. We are looking for experienced active guardians with great vibes. CLAN LINK BELOW



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