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2 reasons why Crow CANNOT be the hunter vanguard

1. Crow is an awoken. We must represent all races in destiny. By having two awoken as vanguard members we will be endorsing awoken supremacy. Ikora (being the only human) will eventually feel inferior to her awoken counterparts and will try to accommodate for her lost sense of belonging in some way. She will turn to drugs and other forms of distraction in order to fill her inner void. Crow and Zavala will gradually exclude her from important meetings due to her self-destructive attitude. This will push Ikora into a deep depression on a level beyond even what she experienced during the Red War. She will eventually come to question her purpose and will resort to throwing herself off the tower many times in a blind despair. After hundreds of resurrections, she will decide that the only solution is all out war. She will gather the willing exo and human residents of the City and will march on the Tower, killing all who oppose her and her followers. Utter chaos will ensue. Caital, upon seeing the thousands murdered on the steps of the tower, will call upon her legions to strike Ikora with heavy ammunitions from the safety of her fleet. The City’s streets will run red with the blood of Ikora’s masses and as the fire rains down from above, Ikora will look to the sky, and will regret nothing. 2. Crow is NOT bald. Any D1 veteran understands that one of the prerequisites for being a member of the vanguard is that you must be bald. Crow however, has a full head of hair that makes him a heartthrob and naturally attractive to the ladies. Zavala and Ikora will harbor an inner resentment of Crow and his actions. Crow will use his influence and glorious hair to amass a large following of Crow-crazed civilians, who he will command to make a statue memorializing his beautiful hair. This act will cause Zavala to put a choice to the misguided member of the vanguard. He will force Crow to choose between his responsibility as hunter vanguard, or his illustrious fan base. By now the power will have gone straight to Crow’s head, and he will choose his followers over his duties. This will result in his expulsion from the position of vanguard and Ikora will rip the hair out of his head. Crow will be forced to work in the ramen shop for the rest of his pitiful existence. His hair will hang on the ramen sign as a constant reminder of his failures. He will have drunken himself into utter oblivion from the bitter wine of his own hubris. His followers will mourn the loss of their deity for a time, but eventually the name of Crow will leave the hearts and minds of all who dwell under the light of the Traveler.
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