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[ALL PLATFORMS] RA1D is currently recruiting again | New and Experienced players welcome | 18+ | PVE & PVP

RA1D is an experienced mega clan with several subclans currently pushing 6000 members. We are looking to add to our numbers. So whether you are an experienced end game player, PvP sweat, Weekend warrior, or somebody that even plays Gambit we have a spot waiting for you. With our own Discord server, you should never have a shortage of finding someone to play with. RA1D is a helpful, respectable, active community for you to be a part of. Anxious about joining a clan or our server? You are more than welcome to come and get a feel for the community before joining a clan. Here is how to get started. 1: Upvote this post, please 2: Follow this link and our server will guide you through your next steps.



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