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Against All Odds Warlocks Are Winning! (HOT News Update)

Big news in Guardian Games this weekend as the competition rages on- Warlocks against all odds are currently in first place! The people of the Last City have been keeping their iPad5000s tuned in to the competition like never before. The increase in viewership has put many current shows such as "Birdwatching with Saint-14" and "Last City's Got Talent" at risk of being cut from their networks until next season. However the Shaxx Sports Network is still currently number one for night time viewership. This week some competitors standings were in question for possibly using performance enhancers. One specific performance enhancer called "cheese" was reportedly found in the Guardian Village after security checks. In an interview done by associated press, Zavala, Vanguard Commander, was quoted saying "This is very dissapointing and we're looking very thoroughly at this problem. Although we do not have test results from our competitors back yet, we will be providing an exclusive emblem for use of this so called cheese." Eva Levante, famous for her protein cookies provided to competitors, stated she and the rest of the Guardian Games Committee hope the testing system is accurate as to not provide false positives for "cheese" due to this year's interesting addition of systems such as Battle-Cry meant to ensure clean competition in other sports. In an interview with Hawthorne of BirdNews, one competitor said "Git gewd nubes!" and further commented on the use of "cheese" as legal. In true fashion of the games he proudly displayed his Rapid Revive medals around his neck which accentuated the watermelon shader applied to his armor- the mark of the best of humanity as wars continue to rage against the darkness across many worlds. Randall the Vandal, a spectator from the EDZ, told reporters this was very dissapointing for his children to watch and that it might pass a bad example to young Fallen in his neighborhood. When contacted, Ikora Rey refused to comment. However according to Lord Shaxx might have said it was "Amazing!" Stay tuned as the competition in this year's Guardian Games continues! 🖍🖍🖍🖍🖍🖍🖍🖍🖍🖍
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