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5/1/2022 1:06:28 PM

error code baboon

I got this error code BABOON today and it wasn't the first time this happened. NOTE: I have wired connection Whenever I'm playing competitive or any crucible match, sometimes I would get this ERROR code baboon, but it would sometimes put me back in my game. However sometimes it would just kick me out of the game entirely and would give me a warning about leaving mid game. I would close the game completely afterwards hoping it wouldn't happen again, but after awhile it comes on. Its more frustrating when it happens during a raid cuz it takes ALL my special and heavy ammo right after I rally the flag. I was hoping the suspension could be lifted or maybe a solution for this problem so that I could go back to playing competitive again without the fear of seeing that error code. Any response regarding this problem would be greatly appreciated. Thank you



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