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4/26/2022 5:56:30 PM

Where's my VoW contest emblem it's been a week

It's been a week since the contest extension emblems went to some people but many others are currently missing their emblems even though they did EVERY encounter within the 48 hours. Where are they Bungie, you promised to give out the emblems to EACH player who did every encounter. I did each encounter and there are MANY others who did the raid with one group (I didn't) but are reporting certain members not getting the emblem. Something on your end messed up. We deserve to have an OFFICIAL comment on this matter. Stop ignoring us we will keep writing till you actually give a response. Below is my prior post on this matter; I've posted on other people post about this but I feel that we need a direct answer from Bungie, I've tried to look into asking Bungie this directly but I can't contact them. I cleared each encounter and got loot from each, right before the initial 24 hours ended I had checks next to every encounter except rhulk on "the day in the pyramid" triumph. I beat him 30 minutes into the 24 hour extension. Here we are a month and a half later and I feel like I'm being shafted on the reward I earned. If I don't get the emblem I worked for I'm likely to quit playing the game since this is beyond discouraging to see people take far longer than me into the contest extension have the emblem but I don't. (Got clear number 996 of the raid according to Raid report) I worked so hard to get this emblem only for it to not be added to my account. I don't know how the "validation" worked for how Bungie deems who should have gotten the emblem but I believe there was some error. Enough people are commenting about this to make it seem some factor wasn't taken into account. There were MANY bugs day 1/2 so I don't know what it could have been but this needs to get looked at. According to the recent TWAB Bungie said "Players who completed the Vow of the Disciple raid during the 24 hour extension of Contest Mode have been granted the Day at the Pyramid Triumph and The Cleaver emblem. Qualifying players will need to visit their Postmaster and claim the Lost Package to unlock the Day at the Pyramid Triumph. Claiming this Triumph will then drop The Cleaver emblem." I've checked my post master on each character and none got this package and judging by the wording it's ready been delivered to everyone according to the TWAB. Here is my raid report, For VoW I have 5 red dots and a green for under the contest mode. First dot, kicked to orbit after opening encounter Second dot, kicked to orbit after opening encounter Third dot, one member somehow got the first encounter CP even though we got kicked to orbit, in that Dot we beat totems and got loot Fourth dot, joined a different LFG group at caretaker beat him eventually got the loot and walked to encounter 3 Fifth dot, joined another different LFG at encounter 3 beat it after four gruelling hours got the loot and proceeded to get to rhulk. (I then decided to go to bed since we got the extension) Sixth dot, joined another different LFG group and beat rhulk got loot. This encounter was started before the extension so maybe that caused the slip up in distribution but the encounter was cleared under contest. I'm trying to be as specific as possible with this as I REALLY want my emblem, and if I don't get it knowing that if I just beat the raid 30 minutes faster I'd have it I'll be eternally pissed about that. (Especially when I was told I got another 24 hours to do it). Can I please get a response from a Bungie employee on this?



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