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4/22/2022 5:44:09 PM

Rewards in game are lacking.

Rewards are good where they are.


We don't have a enough earnable rewards.


Rewards are good but could be better for players.


Hi so I know this isn't news to a lot of folks who have been playing Destiny for years now, the rewards that are dished out in game are not very exciting. I know the team at bungie is working on things all the time but, we don't seem to be getting a lot of what they work on as earnable rewards. We see time and time again that most of the very nice looking armor is shipped as eververse exclusive items for transmog or we have the copious amount of ghosts and ships designed for eververse and I get it you need that to fuel the game as a free to play model even with the fact we have also had to pay for expansions along side the seasonal passes. I really would like to see more rewards for everyone who plays the game consistently. Like we have so many emblems and things people have found in the API that just have never seen the light of the traveler in game. Some of these look really nice and it's a shame they aren't just in the game somewhere. I know this topic has been beat into the ground but if anyone else feels the same that we get more eververse "rewards" than actual in game rewards and if you want to get bright dust to grab things in the eververse it's a tedious grind for scraps of dust each week. It's gotten better with the introduction of challenges a few seasons back but we still have to wait weeks for a couple hundred bright dust that can barely but us a ship let alone a whole set of the eververse's ever expanding armor collection especially if you actually play all three characters. So all in all I would just like to see more in game rewards you are able to earn that aren't just triumph score because if you want me to go through a mission with multiple champions alone without dying and on a timer I would prefer something more than a triumph and a poorly stat rolled piece of seasonal armor. So if anyone else even looks at this thanks for stopping and reading this post.



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