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I have never received an email from Bungie beyond verification

The only email I've ever received from Bungie is the one I got to verify my email. - The website says my email is verified. - I have emails from Bungie turned on in my settings. - I have unverified and reverified my email. - I have created a brand new email and verified that one. - The emails haven't been going to spam. - I'm using a gmail account. Still nothing. There's also no way to test if it's actually working because the only way I know if I'm supposed to get an email is when I've already missed out on receiving it. I would really like to vote in the polls, see my stats, or get any kind of communication, but nothing has come through. Is there a way to get around this? I've never seen a fix for this that works despite seeing people talking about it elsewhere. It doesn't work for any of my friends either, who have been playing this game for durations ranging from months to years. What are people that receive emails doing that I'm not?



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