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4/1/2022 12:40:12 AM

[NA][CROSSPLAY][NEWLIGHT FRIENDLY] Amplified Dreams is looking for new guardians!

[i][b]What is Amplified Dreams?[/b][/i] [quote]AMP is a tight-knit community of Destiny players who understand that life comes before games. Most of us are working adults who use Destiny as a way to destress from our normal lives in a comfortable space with others in the same situation as us. AMP is a place where the rest of the world doesn't matter. We are here to play Destiny and disconnect from the outside for a while. We do not care who you are on youtube/TikTok/whatever, where you came from, what's in your raid report, what your crucible KD is, personal politics, or what you identify as. Are you here to learn and play with a supportive group of guardians?[/quote] [I][b]What we offer[/b][/i] [quote]Joining AMP puts you in a community of guardians who care more about passing on the knowledge of the game and companionship than anything else. We are Newlight friendly with several members who are more than willing to take new guardians under their wings and show them the ins and outs, tips and tricks. Have a family and work a 9-5? No problem, we understand that life comes before the game and we support our members in being well rounded in life as we do in-game. We do schedule weekly raids and encourage everyone who is ready for it to join and learn. We are new raider friendly. Wipes happen, no one is an ace their first time playing. [/quote] [I][b]Requirements[/b][/i] [spoiler]Age: 18+ [quote]We will on occasion make exceptions to this requirement but it is at the discretion of the interviewers[/quote] Discord with a microphone [quote]Communication is key to learning. If you can't talk and relay information learning becomes very hard.[/quote] A willingness to accept failure [quote]Wipes happen, we learn from mistakes. Where to not stand, what to do when. If you get tilted over a few wipes this is not your clan.[/quote] A willingness to become a better guardian [quote]We don't want guardians who are stuck in their ways. No one knows it all and there's always room to learn new tricks. Being able to accept help makes you stronger in-game and out of the game.[/quote][/spoiler] [i][b]How to join[/b][/i] To join up with us just hit the upvote for this post (helps with visibility) and drop a comment below. Tell us how long you've been playing or tell us your favorite clean joke. Extra points for dad jokes. (points don't actually matter). One of our officers will get in contact with you and set up a little discord chat. Nothing like a formal interview or anything, just a short chat to help us understand how we can best help you and get a feel for who you are.



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