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3/29/2022 10:51:22 AM

Damage check at the end of each Encounter

Yes please


Not bothered


No thank you, I'm the Div guy.


Hello Guardians, This is a post to get Bungie's attention, so it needs a solid 100 up votes at least. If you are like me, after a monstrous damage phase you think, "wow, that was sick damage". Then you orchestrate a wipe because Bungie doesn't show you damage at the end of the encounter. Some dungeons done and it's beautiful. So I propose a flag or some interactable object at the end of each encounter showing the same stuff it would should if you wiped. Whether that's damage done to the boss or trash kills. It's not only a good ice breaker for an LFG squad but it also help players improve. To my fellow guardians, upvote this please and hopefully Bungie will respond. I've heard the excuse that Bungie won't do it because it promote toxicity within the LFG, but we see damage or trash kills when we fail so that can't be the reason. If we complete the encounter what does it matter, it's just for the people that want to check. PLEASE BUNGIE HEAR OUR PRAYS AND BLESS UP WITH A DAMAGE CHART AT THE END OF EACH ENCOUNTER OR A SUMMARY AT THE END OF THE RAID/ACTIVITY!



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