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Power levels, Time & Reward

Compared to other MMO types, Destiny is very grind heavy in terms of content easily disappearing/phasing out. . If u miss that godroll this season you'll probably never see it again. If u miss that shader, ship, sparrow, ornament then ur stuck looking -blam!- and you'll probably never get that look u wanted. If u missed a week of bounties ur missing out on materials to level up or buy stuff. If u missed the daily mods ur missing out on ur best build. If u missed xur u might have missed that exotic. If u missed out on maxing ur gear light (not to mention all the different builds u have) then you'll miss those high end activities = high end gear = best builds. . People only have so much time and its probably why other MMOs have much more consistent playerbase is because they can easily reap the rewards of their effort invested with less thought about how it might not be there/ be viable when they come back. . You are constantly on grind not essentially just because you want to but because you're gonna 'miss out' if you don't. Thats like one of the worst anxieties and could drive out the fun of the game. . This has a lot to do with in game economy of leveling up gear. And adjusting the cap seems like a good way to keep things fresh but maybe the reset should not be essentially back to base power level and [b][u]if a gear u have has reached the power cap of last season then that gear should basically be at hard/power cap always at the start of the new season.[/u][/b] This would hopefully keep the investment you did that season 'payoff' until the end especially for those people who dont have much time to play even if they wanted to. And you can play some high end activity much quicker. . Because there is no endgame if there isn't really an end. . AND / OR . Levels stick to their 'reward' aspect and be highlighted as most MMOs have tried and tested. People are always complaining why they would even do Legend or Master activities if the reward is the same for the lower. Damage taken and received should scale accdg. to your level. But I can see how maybe that could be an issue on the technical side and so my arguably controversial suggestion is to have atleast 3 versions of any activity: . 1. Standard level activity 2. Legend/Master activity 3. Pinnacle Activity (new) . Pinnacle Activity would basically be the pinnacle/highest cap level but everything is tweaked to be around 10-15% damage reduction to u or damage increase to enemies or whatever helpful modifier. It essentially serves as the 'farmers' haven for loot. maybe a little higher loot chances but essentially an [b]"Easier" version of the endgame[/b]. Because isn't the whole point of leveling up is to feel stronger and have more fun? If its about difficulty then they can always go back to Master activities.



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