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由RandyMagnum編輯: 3/10/2022 11:52:35 PM

New light struggles with mods

Look us blueberry new lights need some love, not having any access to the slue of semi - required Armor mods to make most void builds feel "unforced" or "smooth", is painful (I know first world problems). Look I'm not asking for anything crazy, just any form of farmable way to play this seasons cool builds, without having to wait for a 1/100chance to land multiple times for each individual build to be effective let alone peak efficiency. waiting on ada-1 to play the game isn't an enjoyable experience or rewarding in any sense. I really wouldn't care how grindy or what has to be done just give us something anything it really doesn't matter(As a drop in the new raid would be cool IMO). Anything is better then relying on pure crappy uncontrollable chance once a day as it's infuriating and just straight up boring. Personally ATM just gonna check DIM for the ada-1 vendor and play something else till I get at least one mod I can use to make a build not feel like a organisational mess. Yes I'm aware its just a game and not really the end of the world. Personally I'm just really enjoying D2 ATM and of course I'm thankful for the awesome experience and game and don't want to take away from that (though I feel the steep price of content surely gives me leeway to complain here). TLDR: Feeling kind of left out as I wasn't aware of armour mod mechanics prior or even had access to said mods (Started playing in the final week of last season). I don't think a change to the access of armour mods would make anyone upset or take away from the game in any sense. I cannot emphasise enough I personally wouldn't care how difficult or grindy it is to get just give us some way, any way to get working on obtaining these mods bungie could be as cheap and boring as they want whatever works no one cares do it the easiest way for you guys to take up less time and just hand em over! Cheers, and best of luck!



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