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3/1/2022 12:24:43 AM

Looking for Warlocks for Day 1 Raid Team

So far our raid team of 4 have been preparing 2 months before the launch of witch queen for this Day 1 raid and we planned on searching for our last 2 members the reset before the raid so we had time to grind our pants off. So far we have 2 hunters (Me as 1566 and our other hunter as 1551ish) and our titans as (1550 and 1545) all above the 1530 cap threshold; I just grind more. We are planning on staying in the raid till completion and going the whole 24 hours if needed (with a 4 hour nap if need be) lmao WE ALL WANT THE RAID JACKET AND EMBLEM BABY!!!!!! We plan on going in blind and seeing how far we get and eventually once we hit that point we will look up guides and metas used for the future encounters. Most of us have done Day 1 raids before and have gotten through it (besides the hunter). We will look for the mechanics and figure how they work and so on. We also are planning on using strong metas out at the moment such as suppressing glaives, lucent finisher, osteo striga ad clear, and land tank to our advantage. So far all of us have extremely above average dps. We all have resistance builds since we know the ads will hit hard on the day 1 challenge. We will also do a practice raid to gain a chemistry between us all the day before the raid sometime. So if you are a warlock looking to join a group on Day 1 just reply here :) p.s. (might have missed of few things but oh well)



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