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2/25/2022 2:26:11 PM

Consistent Error Code: Marmot Entries, Even After Multiple fix attempts

As the title states, I have tried multiple options, including but not limited to; *Verify integrity of game files many times - steam gives the ok, Marmot. *Uninstall, reinstall Destiny 2 - validate files, install missing files: Marmot *Uninstall, reinstall Battleye in case of system conflicts - validate files, install: Marmot *Install newest game-ready driver from Nvidia - Marmot I am now attempting my 2nd full reinstall after completely erasing any files related to Destiny off of my computer. If this doesn't work I am going to attempt installing on my HDD instead of my SSD. I realistically just want to know why. I have never previously had any marmot issues when installing expansions, let alone anything like this from other large games on steam. Is there something I'm missing? Any response from Bhelp would work, I just want clarity. Thanks, [i]~R[/i]



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