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2/11/2022 4:33:28 AM

Banned for no reason - would like to chat with dev or GM to sort this out

I was banned a while ago for no reason and have put in several appeals to get unbanned. I want to at least chat with someone to see why I was banned and maybe see why it was a permanent ban. I have been asking in my ban appeals for devs to reach out to me to either provide more information on the ban or to ask for additional information to be used in consideration for an appeal to no avail. For reference, I was just playing the game as intended and not using 3rd party programs or exploiting. Even if Bungie still decides that the ban is valid (for whatever reason), shouldn't the ban at least be temporary considering it is my first ban? Also, given how Bungie changed anti-cheat systems right after my ban, should I get a chance to be judged under the new anti-cheat system? If any dev or GM is wiling to talk to me about this issue, please reach out to me and let's talk.



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