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2/7/2022 5:12:48 AM

Anbu Clan Recruiting NEW

-- NEW Anbu Clan Recruitment! -- × Platforms: Xbox and PC - if on PC, please have an Xbox account to talk on, as most of us are on Xbox. × Age Range: Must be 18+ to join! × What is Anbu?: We are a friend group. There are no mandatory clan meetings and we are not a restrictive clan. We simply are just a clan for friends! We have a discord to all chat on and LFG on, it's not mandatory to join. × Timezones and Location: USA - East Coast and West Coast Members are on all times of day. We are fairly new and do not have a ton of members yet. We are mainly PvE, which includes GMs, dungeons and the occasional raid. There are some who play PvP and are great competitive players! If interested, please PM me :)



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