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由Lonewolf_avenge編輯: 2/1/2022 3:33:48 AM

Don't know which Clan to join? Don't worry join here! And you stay here much as you like! Moon Rabbit!

Lately, I've been seeing new lights coming to this game, so my goal is for them to join and get their Weekly Clan Rewards (Pinnacle Gear) from Hawthorne to increase their light level and gears up! We don't care anyone leaves, why? Because we know there's always a better clan best suited for them. This clan is made for all platforms just come in and join it's free! This is clan is just for starters, people don't know what clan to join, or just join just to get weekly pinnacle gear. Think of a mother bird's nest, once you think you're ready. Off you go my little birdies.



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