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1/20/2022 5:53:24 PM

I made a scavenger hunt with MOSTLY in game scannable items, with a story!

I made a clan scavenger hunt where the solutions are in-game scannables. We had prizes and the main prize was something from the in-game head canon from the scavenger hunt! Hard to figure out where to post this but I wanted other clan leaders to consider using the video clues! I’ve got all assets packaged up to customize the experience. It’s mostly PowerPoint and iMovie on my phone but it was a success! We paid out almost 300 dollars in prizes including Mega Construx play sets, “Quantum Engram” lamp, and a framed picture of the (not real) Exotic gun the hunt lore is about! Take a look if you’re interested and add me if you want to put it to use in your clan! GhostG1raffe#1507



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