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1/12/2022 6:05:42 AM

Let's talk Abt BxR Crucible builds

So tonight for the fresh Iron Banner, I decided to pull out this Perpetual Motion / Rangefinder BxR. I used it for it's long range. So I paired it up with Forerunner & Stompee5 & bottom tree Gunsli-blam!-. This build basically allowed me to get my golden gun faster than anyone in the crucible since I'm engaging with the enemy alot. So this build is basically for hitting crits and Laning. I even tried Foetracer, & Mechaneers Tricksleevs. Foetracer was actually sweet considering at red bar the BxR can finish an enemy with 2 of the 3 bullets when marked. Mechaneers ... I mean u can 2 tap headshot with Forerunner lmao I'm trying to see anyone else's builds utilizing the BxR & Forerunner!



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