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OMINOUS LIL ONIS [ONI] | Small Friendly | Crossplay | Gambit Focused | Weekly Raids | Comfy PvE and Events | Sherpee Requests

✿ Lore Insert ✿ Filled with sorrow and regret the ancient orb fled its first love, broken in tears desperately clawing for life like a hawk without its wings. Blessed by fate and burned by hatred from the fallen star, it rises as it crumbles reborn like a phoenix in the sky, showering the world with treasures behind the watchful eye. Three mountains grow and caress the seedlings in the ruins below, for once star-crossed lovers now reunited under the watchful eye of a Crow. ✿ About ONIs ✿ Here at Onis, we are a feisty group of guardians dedicated to the protection and comfort of the kawaii baby fallen that live in the city. We love putting on a show for them in gambit, plowing edgelords with our eager edges and big rockets hehehe. We luv to run spicy lobbies and do silly stuff in crucible, sometimes we help friendly new guardians on lfg. If you like being a kawaii oni that is a hero of justice for the fallen and luvs nomming on ramen join Ominous lil Onis today! ✿ A new fallen themed destiny 2 clan ✿ Crossplay Clan with Discord VC ✿ Focusing on Gambit, Raids, and Comfy PvE ✿ Weekly raid and activity hosting ✿ Weekly Sign Ups for new light sherpa teaching ✿ Day 1 campaign groups, raid team, and events ✿ Community Perks ✿ ✿ Seasonal Giveaways, events and activities ✿ Tier 3 Boosted Server with custom emotes, stickers and more ! ✿ A Kawaii Deer Chan Mascot w/ More Coming! ✿ Future Lil Lights and Sherpa Program ✿ About Maids ✿ Before joining Onis, you should also know our community server which Onis is in. Maids of Eden is a unique community that focuses on improving the quality of life in everyone's online experience. We know you are wary and life is hard but come stay at our host club, enjoy our fluffy waffles, crispy chicken, and tasty fruit jams while you relax by the fire after a long day of grinding. ✿ What is True Maid Material ✿ ✿ Never gives up during a siege for glory ✿ Brings a smile even when times are low ✿ Respects guests and their fellow maids ✿ Here to have a fun time and eat lots of Waffles ✿ Are available for full-time service at Eden’s Inn If you are looking for a friendly, engaging, and comfy home please join Maids today and become part of an adorable community. We recently started a Destiny 2 clan. We are new, but we have a great leader with extensive experience and dedicated staff. [url=]Discord[/url] [url=]Clan[/url]



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