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Village Hidden in The Light is Recuirting!! JOIN TODAY! WE TAKE VISITORS AND NEW CLAN MEMBERS!

We are based in NA but welcome everyone though we are an English-speaking clan. We are currently looking for more players from Europe and time-zones outside the U.S. to help players with different schedules and playtimes. We are a teaching clan; Raids, Dungeons and even some Pvp. If you're new and haven't stepped into endgame content yet or you just like to teach and run people through it we are the clan for you. We do operate/communicate through Discord and have an anime inspired server with some bots to help organize and feed game related info to specified channels. As for chats Discord voice chat is our back up, we mainly stick with in-game chat due to crossplay. We also allow people to join our server without joining the clan. So if you just need some more people to play with or you're unhappy with your current clan we're looking for a total of 100 members and 100 visitors. To join follow the link below and read/react to our rules, you'll then have access to the rest of the server.



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