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12/22/2021 4:18:58 PM

Looking for Clan members and Clan visitors

Welcome fellow Guardians to the Village Hidden in the light. We are a dedicated group of players that defend the light and its people. The Village is LGBTQ+ friendly and we respect everyone no matter religion, race, gender, etc. We try to keep it fun and bring positivity to the game. There is no room for toxic behavior here. Crossplay Clan We don't console shame here!!! Based in NA but we welcome any and all. Mainly English-speaking players We are always looking for teachers from other clans to join us. No need to leave your current clan if you are happy there you can still join us!! No clan or unhappy with your current one come check us out. We only allow 100 clan member and 100 visitors so we are not a mega server. currently we have approx 50 people in the server with about 40 clan members. Help us defend the light!!



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