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由Diamond編輯: 12/11/2021 6:14:41 PM

Is there any intention to ever give us the Season of the Hunt vendor shaders?

As far as anyone can tell, these shaders were never released with their respective quests. The vendor quests were either forgotten, or the shaders were never attached to the Adored ornament quests. These are the base ornaments for the playlist vendor armors, as well as the Adored ornaments. Is there any intention of making these shaders available to the players, or were they never intended to be released in the first place? Any response from the team would be greatly appreciated. [url=]Charred Plumage (Crucible)[/url] [url=]Brineglow (Vanguard)[/url] [url=]Bonemeal Loam (Gambit)[/url]



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