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Clan Recruitment

Hello, if anyone wants to join a clan, I made a relatively new one with my friends. It's called Caydes Homework Folder (CHF for short). As you can tell by the name, it's just a clan to mess around in and have some fun. We are very casual. (Also, I know there is not apostrophe in "Caydes." Blame the game system for that). (Btw, we haven't made a discord server for this clan yet because it's only me and 3 other people. I'm trying this out and if we get enough people I will make a discord server). Things to keep in mind and rules to join: 1. Please be 18 or more years of age (if you aren't but want to join message me on Discord: Founding Father James Madison#5737 and I'll talk to my buddies about it as well) (yes, I know my name is long lol). 2. We make offensive jokes so don't join if you are easily offended. 3. Don't be a -blam!- in general. 4. Preferably be on PC but consoles work as well. 5. Not expected to be on Destiny 24/7 all 12 months of the year and until the inevitable collapse of the universe. Anyways, the link to join is above. Thank you fellow epic gamers.



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