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New Clan. Come be a Ninja

Welcome fellow Guardians to the Village Hidden in the light. We are a dedicated group of players that defend the light and its people. The Village is LGBTQ+ friendly and we respect everyone no matter religion, race, gender, etc. We try to keep it fun and bring positivity to the game. There is no room for toxic behavior here. PSN-based clan but crossplay is not discriminated against. Based in NA but we welcome any and all. Discord server is Naruto-themed but we love ALL anime. All skills levels are welcomed. We are a teaching clan so positive attitudes and patience is a must. Focuses of the clan are Endgame content (try to have all DLC) Raids, GMs, and pretty much all in-game activity. So if you are looking for a diverse clan that is laid back, funny, with a great sense of humor, and a love for anime please look no further and contact us today about possibly joining. Requirements: 21+ or 18+ with evaluation. MUST HAVE DISCORD APP. This is how we communicate. Be active. Players should aim to be at least active once every two weeks. Preferable once a week. This includes the game and discord. Be helpful, be patient, be serious, stay focused, and most important BE KIND. We are a new clan so we are looking for all of its founding/first members. This is the application, please go to the URL and follow the directions. NOTE: PLEASE use your Gamertag as your first and last name. This will help us send an invite to the clan if you haven't sent a request already. EMAIL IS NOT REQUIRED Once accepted into the Discord we ask you to read over the rules and regs. for we have standards that we hold all our players to. Please confirm you've read it by reaction with an emoji! We look forward to meeting you and creating lasting friendships.



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