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Looting system for pinnacles is rigged

For the 5th time in a row I got a gauntlet as a pinnacle. And since I'm 1325 and my gauntlet were already at 1327, those last 5 pinnacles were useless to me. Now, just doing the math because this seems pretty impossible. So there 8 different types of equipment (3 guns and 5 armors). Assuming the pinnacle randomly awards you one out of those 8 types of equipment, there's is 1 chance out of 8 to get each one (1/8 to get helmet, 1/8 to get kinetic weapon, 1/ 8 to get boots, etc.) So I had 1 chance of 8 to get a gauntlet pinnacle. Now the chance to have gauntlet pinnacle drop 5 times is a row is (1/8)⁵, or 1 chance out of 32 768, or 0,003%. It is not random or I'm the unluckiest person alive. The loot system is made so it takes longer to level up so you will continue to play. It is frustrating enough that I don't see the fun in playing anymore.



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