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10/24/2021 9:40:43 PM

Snap (story i made in a few minutes out of boredom)

“You still sure about all this?” “Yes. Our position is secure.” “No… I mean like, morally and everything.” “Hmm.” “Hmm?” “If you wanted to care about morals, then you should have turned back a long time ago.” “Turned back? This is all I know.” “I believe you have answered your own question.” “You could’ve just answered in the first place.” “Just wasting some time. We’ve got 20 minutes until the target is in sight.” With no more questions, and no more reason to hold conversation, the silence held a weight that only the two men could feel. The tension was like a string being slowly wound around their chests, threatening to snap at any moment. 19 minutes passed in silence. The string is waiting to be broken, screaming in silent cries for its release. At the twenty-first minute, the string lashed out at the world, for only now may it’s anguish be heard. Only three men ever felt that string unwind.



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