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由Deathon6編輯: 10/20/2021 5:39:02 PM

App Game History Different than in Game Summary Screen

I just finished a Hollowed Lair strike and this is what both say. [b]In Game Summary Screen[/b] Kills: 168 Assists: 26 Precision Kills: 3 [b]Game History on App[/b] Kills: 195 Assists: 27 Precision Kills: 3 Super Kills: 37 So the app is telling me I had 27 more kills and 1 extra assist compared to what the in game summary screen is saying. I included the super kills because I have a bounty asking to get 25 kills. Which never completed. If I had really gotten the 37 super kills like the app says then that bounty should have completed.



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