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10/13/2021 3:11:12 AM

Kingdom Hearts themed Clan looking for members

Ever since I first started playing Destiny way back in 2014, I've notices a TON of parallels and similarities between Destiny and Kingdom Hearts. Examples of this would include the themes of Light and Darkness, emphasis on idealism, adventure and friendship, and recently an excessively over complicated and difficult to follow plot. I've taken advantage of this and capitalized on it heavily. Sora's my Titan, Riku's my Hunter, and Kairi's my Warlock. I figured I couldn't be the only one who noticed these uncanny similarities and started a clan so other like minded Kingdom Hearts/Destiny fans can play together. The clan is called Vulpes Union X in reference to the Vulpes Union from the mobile game Kingdom Hearts Union X that tragically went offline earlier this year. Basically think Destiny but as a mobile Kingdom Hearts themed Gacha game. Vulpes was also the dominant union in the game, almost always at the top of the scoreboards. The clan covers all activities in the game from Playlists to Raids. I'm seeking chill and friendly, but focused and determined members who will always assist in activities when their fellow guardian requests assistance.



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