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10/4/2021 10:16:12 PM

Bungie should buff Vex Mythoclast (And other phenomenal ideas)

Vex feels too weak. I can't even kill Atheon in 3 seconds with it, it's ttk is just too low. Also, reduce the drop rate. 70+ clears is too low to get it. Xylar is too weak as well. Maybe change the machanics so it's an instant wipe if everyone isn't under 1200 power? Another thing is that Astral Alightment isn't repetitive enough. It should be changed to Seraph Towers instead, those were way better and amazing aspirational content. We have too many guns and are having too much fun right now, I propose that we reinstate Luke Smith as director of Destiny 2 and sunset every gun released before Witch Queen, including exotics, starting next week. Oh, and back to Vex Mythoclast, maybe a way to buff it is have every shot fire a 1k laser + Gjallarhorn rocket, with Wolfpack Rounds included? The included video has more amazing ideas. All hail Luke Smith.



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