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9/23/2021 11:19:40 PM

hawkmoon reloading slower after firing final shot

I have not tested this with timers or have any old footage to back this up, I don't have the software, but hawkmoon has been reloading slower since the infinite paracausal shots glitch got fixed. I use the gun almost religiously and I'm certain it's slower. The glitch got fixed by removing your paracausal stacks upon firing the final round, which makes sense. But since the bonus range+handling+reload speed was based on the number of stacks, it would slow down without them. Alloy mag makes it more managable, but at max stacks it does seem to decrease slightly, and at x6 it feels like it just plateaus. Pre-patch it was like outlaw, without any reloader mods. Also experienced some lower damage paracausal shots (albeit inconsistently), I hope hawkmoon gets looked into.



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