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Are you looking for a chill clan, with active members? Please read below (Crossplay)

Hello Guardian, As we look forward to crossplay finally being a reality soon, we are looking for active members to join in with us. Who are we you ask? We are 2 clans that I started due to lfg is hit and miss, tried the alliance route it turned into a toxic mess. With my first clan running very smoothly I decided to build another. We are currently building our second clan Status☆Disastrous. If you are chill, don't want any drama and are active, we want you to join us. We have a established discord full of like minded Guardians that bonds both clans under one roof. There you will find our planned clan activities, everything from seasonal activities, raids and our drunk raids on Saturday nights. We have members all over the world, so at some point during the day some is playing. We are open to all, beginners thru D1 Vets. I'm also looking for admins/sherpas that can help me run activities with clan mates. If you are interested, please join in with us. You won't regret it. Here is the link to join in with us and upon joining I'll send you an invite to join our discord.



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