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6/21/2021 9:05:55 AM

Onslaught Recruiting | PC | UK/EU | 18+ | Chilled

About us: Small/medium clan with a mix of veteran/casual players. We run all content, well experienced in endgame content such as raids and GMs. Our members play every season but we do understand personal life and aren’t on every night. We offer a chilled, friendly environment, happy to help with any content and teach endgame content. A few of us are completionists and do absolutely everything the game has to offer. We’re mainly UK based and most active 8 - 12pm BST. What we’re looking for: Join mandatory discord Players looking to get involved, make friends and have a laugh Have experience of the game and have an interest in getting involved in endgame content. If this interests you, reply below and I’ll DM you.



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