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6/6/2021 6:08:02 PM

[PS/US]18+ Casuals Looking for Loyal and Fun Guardians

We are not about being a popular clan and getting the most numbers. We are a small and intimate clan and prefer to keep it as such. We are casual players that enjoy having fun and playing with people who just vibe really well and are loyal. We are just getting back into the game though so we don’t mind newbies at all! You will never need to worry about feeling isolated from other clan members, we literally play with everyone no matter your level or background. [b][u]Disclaimer:[/u][/b] We are hood and if you have an issue with that this clan definitely not for you. So to all you guardians out there, who don't wanna be in a clan where the admins & founder...all up in the videos, all on the records, dancin'...then come to Death Row! [url=][/url]



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