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由Macobber編輯: 5/7/2021 2:30:45 PM

So, can I have my snowball kill tracking emblem back yet? Please?

Add back old emblem statistics


No one cares


Posted here about a year ago about the same thing. But Bungie, can you please add back this completely pointless snowball kills statistic that I wasted literally tens of hours on. The most pain inducing, mentally incapacitating, mind numbing, finger bruising, hellish hours of my entire life to get this... somewhat impressive, but STUPID number of snowball kills. It was almost worth it all (kidding), to have people remark about it. But ever since Bungie revamped the emblem system, this statistic has been gone. So can you’s please finally add it back? Why...? Well equally, why not?



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