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5/2/2021 2:30:56 AM

PROC_ATHENA Clan Recruitment (PC) Discord in post.

Intro: This clan is part of a medium sized server (Sherpa Run). We’ve recently hit the population cap on the previous clan (Sigma Lupi), so we’re starting out this new clan. Philosophy / What the clan is about: -Giving newbies a place to get better at the game in a low stress environment. -Giving all a place to find teammates to do stuff in D2 with. So, concretely, the first rule that was established on the server is you cannot put skill or experience requirements in LFG posts. From there, the server functions mainly as a LFG platform. There’s also many other channels for interacting in other ways with clanmates or server members. Note on PvP: There’s no restriction on what activity you can do on the server, but PvP content is definitely far less popular. This is more of a PvE clan/server. Requirements: Discord. We do everything clan related through the server. PC. Clan is PC only. Respect our rules and philosophy. Joining: Server link: Look into the #clan-info channel, all the info you need is there. Clan applications are handled by Marianne, our Discord bot. Joining a clan is optional. The server is open to anyone who respects our rules. If you run into issues with any of this or if you have questions, you can message me (PANDAmonium) on the server, or you can reply here. I will check as often as I can. That’s all, be safe!



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