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[PC] Maestro Gaming is looking for hardcore, dedicated members...

We are an adults only (21+) clan residing predominately in the U.S. and U.K. Time zones. We want people of all time zones to continue to grow our spread of activity in our community. This is your opportunity to join a strong pve, pvp clan that overcomes every challenge in Destiny 2. We want to bring in those talented guardians who have achieved great successes in GMs, speed raids, and high pinnacle content on their own, but could achieve much more with a like minded team. If you are a die hard, skilled, determined player, this is the clan for you... We use our sophisticated, feature filled discord to chat and coordinate activities in all aspects of Destiny 2. Text chat and voice chat is expected, discord is a requirement. Message Mr_Saltshaker#0785 on discord for more information on how to join! We wield the light of the traveler in many different ways, we forge our own paths, and ultimately create our power, create our strength - Maestro Gaming



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