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4/30/2021 7:28:21 PM

Shadows Unknown | Chill PvE Endgame-Focused Clan

Hey there! Shadows Unknown is a small, close knit PS4/PS5 clan lookin for chill people who are competent and in need of help. We have a small community, and are looking for quality people to help us grow. All we ask is competence: that you're willing to learn and take responsibility for what you can and can't do, and if there are things you can't do (be it gear or lack of knowledge) we're more than happy to help and teach you. We focus on PvE endgame mostly, but we do have your few PvP people. Raids and PvE endgame content are our strenght though, so keep that in mind. Apart from that, we have a discord we use to communicate and set up activities, and we have a few bots to perform commands with. Well, thank you for reading. And if you like this, feel free to leave a comment and I'll invite you. And if it isn't for you, best of luck finding what you're looking for.



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