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Other Other Half, Page 1: One Problem

[url=]Table of Contents[/url] My Ghost is my other half. That’s an undeniable fact for any Guardian. Our Ghosts spend the entire first part of their lives looking for us. It’s their purpose. They revive us, guide us, help us, stick with us through thick and thin no matter how annoying or dumb we are -and believe me, we Guardians do some very dumb things. Even when I’m ticked off at my Ghost ‘cause he takes so long to open doors, I still love him. We’re bound together all the way down to the Light inside us. That’s something special. I don’t know where I’d be without my Ghost. Well, obviously I’d be dead, but I think you get my meaning. But then there’s her… When I’m around her I feel…fuzzy. Traveler, that sounds dumb. Scratch that, she makes me feel better. Complete. Whole. I mean, not that I’m not already…um…ugh, words. I mean I’m pretty great already. No, I’m not being conceited, I just mean I wasn’t some pitiful ball of blubber before meeting her. Just ‘cause I’m a Hunter doesn’t mean I’m some self-obsessed hotshot. Sheesh, open your mind a little! Look at the person underneath the fabulous cloak. Anyway, she’s like my Ghost, but it’s also…something different, more. It’s a strange and amazing thing. I can’t really explain it. My Ghost is my other half but I feel like she is, too. What does that mean? What do I call that? I guess she’s like my…other, other half? That sounds pretty good, actually, I think. My other other half. There’s just one problem: She’s a Warlock.



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