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2/26/2021 8:38:36 PM


Good Things is a relatively small NA/PC clan that likes to do endgame things like raids, gms, master difficulty content. We have some PvPer in the clan but I wouldn't say we are all that focused on PvP. We are just looking to grow our clan out just a tad but not too much so that we can stay familiar with our clanmates. We will not be [b]instantly[/b] accepting people into the clan. You will have to do a few raids and or other clan activities. We also potentially have an open slot for Day 1 VoG so if you do well, you might make it on our Day 1 VoG team. Something to note: I will be checking your just for my own curiosity's sake. If you're curious about my raid report, here it is The rest of the people in the clan are also Diamond rank. Again, we are just looking to grow our community a bit. I hope you'll consider joining our clan.



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