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Other Other Half, Epilogue: The Warlock-Kisser Club

[url=]Table of Contents[/url] [spoiler]Thank you everyone for following this story and giving it so much love! It’s been very fun to write and your reception has been the extra icing on top. But I am leaving this message to announce that this Epilogue is the last chapter of Other Other Half. Don’t let that get you down, I’ll still be writing other things as always and next year for Crimson Days I will be posting a sister series to Other Other Half. You’ll be seeing more of Janko and Romy then.[/spoiler] Thank the Traveler it’s over. My feet touch down in the safety of the Tower courtyard. I let out a relieved sigh. Ether and simile pour from my mouth. I am a Dreg. Romy materializes beside me. Oryx’s great wings sprout from her back and a halo of light shines above her head. The Traveler is a giant eyeball, watching us from above. Lakshmi-2 sits on the floor behind us, watching the FWC’s laundry spin around in the washer. Romy picks me up and my feet dangle a hundred feet above the ground. Our Ghosts dance around our heads. They’ve just been married and flower petals spin through the air with them. Romy leans in for a kiss and I close my eyes. “I’m a Titan, Janko.” Romy’s skull smashes into mine, a powerful headbutt. I fall from her arms, and as I plummet to the ground she speaks. “You dummy. No one would ever love a Hunter.” I land in the arms of a Warlock. It’s Isabelle’s boyfriend, wearing the coat of a doctor. “He’s floofy,” Doctor Warlock observes, looking down on me. Lord Shaxx and Isabelle stand at his sides. Rabbit ears sprout from Isabelle’s head. Isabelle’s boyfriend leans his head down to me, “I love you more than food nicknames.” His face is a rifle and the muzzle touches my lips. “Welcome to the Warlock-Kisser Club,” Isabelle drones. She pulls the trigger. • • • I jolt awake in a cold sweat, my head spinning. After a moment my frantic breaths slow and the world comes into focus. My Ghost is looking at me curiously. I blink and process. It was a dream. “What the f-“



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