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Vexy clan looking to infect other fun loving guardians on PC and PS4/PS5 ^_^

TheVexChangedMyMind [VEXY] We are mainly PlayStation clan, but are starting a quarter for PC players, we are primarily based in America with a few members being from Europe and such We the VEXY Clan live for enjoyment of playing games the jokes and memes and everything else either it be from raids, trials, or even regular strikes and crucible we like to have fun. Our clan is a Destiny based clan however our members like to dip into many other games, these being DragonBallFighterZ, Minecraft, RainbowSixSiege, even the entertaining FromSoftware/Soulsborne games. Our clan has a large group dealing with Anime, Manga and Gacha games. We do our best to create and maintain a Fun environment for everyone. JOINING DISCORD IS MANDATORY []



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