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I have never seen the community so angry about something and united about it

Sunsetting. A word that strikes not fear, but pure rage into 80% of the player base. Yes there are some that have their own opinions on the matter, and I respect that. But, most players hate it. The reissues of the weapons are good, but do we really have to re grind them? Yes there are going to be new perk pools, but what if we still want to use our old weapons we had so much fun with? Now, back to sunsetting. Weapons were never really op. Yes there are ups and downs, but weapons are eventually balanced. The only real problems were pinnacles. Maybe rituals if you’re picky. You didn’t need to sunset the entire game when there are only twenty weapons that were the problem. Sunsetting pinnacles would have been just fine. Maybe reintroducing them as exotics? Maybe that’s too far. Having an expiration date on weapons makes players lose motivation to play. They get a weapon that’s good enough, use it for a year, then dismantle it into 5 legendary shards and a gunsmith material. Armor sunsetting is a big problem too, especially since they are so expensive to masterwork and very hard to get a god role. I don’t care about transmog, my armor is my armor and I want to keep it. In conclusion, sunsetting isn’t a great thing. It has many advantages, but really, they are outweighed by disadvantages. Please listen to your community and see what suggestions they may have. And to people who say they’ve made up their minds, what happened just before D1 came out? They changed the entire game. Probably not relevant but you get it.



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