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由Seraphim Crypto編輯: 1/14/2021 6:10:14 AM

High expectations for the TWAB today...

We know it, Bungie knows it, we all know it. Though realistically, we were distinctly told that we should not expect too much. After all, the developer team only recently came back from vacation. Things don't just get fixed on a dime...we all understand that. But what I do expect is to have most of our concerns to be addressed, especially since our community manager has had the brunt force of our feedback (constructive or not) for nearly over a month now. If certain things fail to be mentioned, then that would be a clear failure on the communication between the developers and the community manager, or at the very least, complete and utter ignorance that confirms that Bungie outright recuses to listen. These are not exactly demands or pinning blame, but rather just me worrying about the backlash that will occur if Bungie manages to get this wrong. High hopes boys, high hopes.



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